Heroes of the Heart #2 ~4/17/08~

Here's installment #2 for the "Unfashionable Heroes-of-the-Heart" series. This one, as previously mentioned, is called "The Clumsily Courageous Hero-of-the-Heart Doctor Swamp Rescue". I'm so pumped about these! They're just funny. Maybe I'll eventually think of a story to go with them, because they kind of have that feel to them. I'm making them with the idea of being a noble person in mind. This comes from my faith in Jesus: that the best people who do the best things (heroes) are always normal people who make extraordinary decisions; more often then not, the world views them as unpopular, lame, annoying, or just boring. But from an eternal perspective, such people are admirable and precious. And I love these people, Jesus was one (and so much more)... and it's my goal to live like that every day.