Promo Video for Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children ~4/23/15~

Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that Mary Huckstep and I put into our recent book: Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances).  Videography is by Raj Jadav; directing and editing are by me!

Bestseller Sale On My New Book -- 20% Off! ~1/17/15~

Good news!  My newly illustrated book has now been recognized as an Amazon Bestseller in the categories of "Humor" and "Parenting and Family."  To celebrate, we're having a 20% sale on all versions of the book -- from audio book to paperback to deluxe hardcover -- that sell from the author's website, Mary  Sale ends on January 31st.  To access that sale, just click on the above image, which is a closer look at the cover illustration of Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances).  

Also, thanks to everyone who helped our book become a runaway hit during the big giveaway event last weekend.  We gave out over 6,000 free copies of the e-book version and have now received more than 20 wonderful reviews on Amazon!  Of course, it's not too late to get a great deal on the e-book -- the Kindle version is less than $6 right now.  Or you can click here and get a deluxe hardcover version of the book from the author's website at 20% off.  Either way, it's a great read, makes a great gift, and is full of great art!

My New Book... Free for Three Days! ~1/10/13~

It's finally here... the three day free book event that will alter your mind with outrageously colorful illustrations and hilariously narrated escapades.  Get your free e-book version (and free e-reader along with it if you don't have a Kindle or anything like that) of this lovingly crafted collection of mini-memoirs on the fun and foibles of family life.  Author Mary Huckstep and I put a lot of joy into this book and you'll get a lot of joy out of it.  Don't hesitate -- get your free copy before it's too late!  It's on me!  :-)

Happy New Year! Free Book! ~1/7/15~

WHAT A STEAL!  The book I illustrated, MARY MARY QUITE: On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances), will be FREE ON KINDLE, Jan 9-13.  I'll post the link THIS FRIDAY, along with a free e-reader app you can use on a computer, phone, or tablet (if you don't have a Kindle). All reviews, however brief, will be appreciated. Thanks and happy New Year!  Learn more at

New Book Available; Holiday Fair this Weekend ~ 11/26/14 ~

This past September, we celebrated the book launch for my most recent illustrated book, Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances).  Now, just in time for the holidays, you can pick up a paperback, hardcover, or e-book copy at the author's website:  Also, the author and I will be selling books at a booth in person at a holiday fair this Saturday, November 29th, in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Go to this facebook page for all the details:  Hope to see you there!

The Cannonball Flight ~ 11/23/14 ~

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, one thing I'm giving thanks for is "The Cannonball Flight," a new musical album release from long-time friend and creative co-collaborator, Albert Keever. I just finished the album art today. I'll update this post later when I find out when the release date is. Albert blends a lighthearted folk-rock style, some west coast flair, and heavy spiritual themes. I love his music and I love that my creative work and his have united!

Book Launch, Sept 5th! ~8/26/14~

The book is finished!  I have finally completed all 21 illustrations for the forthcoming ebook, Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances).  If you'd like to meet the author, see the artwork in person, get your signed copy of a special print edition, or simply have a great time, come to the Glovinsky Gallery at the Santa Fe Art District in Denver on Friday, September 5th from 5 to 9pm.  The gallery is at 800 West 8th Ave, Suite 116, Denver, CO 80204.  And here's a fun little blurb about the event written up by the author of this hilarious-yet-insightful collection of mini-memoirs which I've had the pleasure of illustrating:

Funny, whimsical, clever, and occasionally profound​ -- such are the paintings and sketches David Condry created to illustrate Mary Huckstep's book of domestic humor, in their collaborative masterpiece, MARY MARY QUITE: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances). It's a collection of mini-memoirs on the fun and foibles of families. Come see for yourself! David Condry's process work and illustrations will be displayed from 5-9:00 pm, September 5th and 6th, in the Santa Fe Art District at the Glovinsky Gallery (800 West 8th Ave, Suite 116, Denver, CO 80204). There will be live music from Plainspeak, wine and nibbles, activities for the kids, and some special freebies. Buy a book, art print, or CD and get it signed by the author and artist. Meet this dynamic author-artist team and celebrate the launching of their first family-friendly, life-affirming book. For a preview, go to