Constantly vacillating between different art forms, life goals, and circadian rhythms, David J. Condry is a bit of everything. As a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, he has illustrated two books with bright, detailed watercolor and has adorned countless sketchbooks with ballpoint ink. As an Mdiv from Denver Seminary, he has experimented with working as a pastor, a chaplain, a cartoonist, and a scholar. As an arts educator, he has worked with students of all ages in schools, private homes, the outdoors, a wine bar, and even a Russian prison.  Currently, he teaches full-time at an elementary school and loves it.  As a poet, he often uses random gesture-typing on his phone in order to discover unexpected word combinations.  He avidly pursues the indoor lifestyle of down-time with family, coffee with friends, writing songs on guitar, and reading.  And during his Winter break every year he ventures into the night with an old digital camera to create non-representational light-written photography of Christmas-lights.  And he is verbose. To be succinct, call him an “artist,” keeping in mind that various connotations and nuances of the term may apply.

Also, he's available for freelance illustration projects.  Send ideas!  He loves a good challenge.  Feel free to contact him via d@dcondry.com.