Mary Mary Quite
As illustrator and graphic designer, I have contributed colorfully to the forthcoming e-book, Mary Mary Quite: On Training Up A Child.  It is a collection of twenty-one short stories, each unveiling and celebrating the hilarity of family life, motherhood, and growing up. Stay tuned to the blog or join our mailing list for updates on release dates and events

Dave Condry Illustration
The best fiction offers not an escape from reality but an unrehearsed confrontation with it. Such is the aim of my traditional illustrations in watercolor. By portraying the amazing feats of imaginary-yet-common people in everyday settings, I summon viewers to savor the latent-yet-astonishing brilliance that in fact already surrounds us.

david joshua: ILLUSTRATOR
Whereas my traditional illustrations depict characters and settings, these alternative illustrations primarily portray symbols and concepts, evoking the overlap between feeling and thought. Less detailed, more expressionistic, these images arise from an intuitive combination of traditional and digital image-making techniques

Design Portfolio
Always ready for a challenge, I produce design solutions with resilience. I have done design work for print and web contexts. If you are interested in working with me as a graphic designer in any capacity, please get in touch via

The acronym stands for "purely experimental photography produces exciting results." With impulsive technique and seemingly mundane subject matter, I create images that say, "nothing is random," and "nothing is mundane." Rather, in a significant sense, all things are meaningful. I explore this idea through photography using in-the-camera effects.

David Condry's Videos
This handful of video projects and animations will hopefully have been the tip of the iceberg, the first fruits of many more such projects to ensue, after I find the time and equipment to make more. In the meantime, enjoy these little sparks of imagination.

In Academia
As a writer, researcher, and aspiring philosopher, my interests lie in the arts, art history, culture critique, and theology. I am particularly interested in exploring the historical relationship between faith and the fine arts during the 16th and into the 17th century in Europe. I am also interested in Christian Apologetics and Modern Art.