St. Basil's Cathedral Sketch, and Other Drawings from Yesteryear ~7/12/11~

Ahoy!  I hope the summer is treating you well.  As mentioned last month, the season has afforded me a bit of free time, wherewith I've been able to find and scan in some artwork that I'd previously never gotten the chance to post.  Last month it was a batch of paintings and illustrations - today I present a small collection of drawings and sketches from yesteryear, the oldest of which being somewhere around 5 years old.  

And, thanks to our ever-curious friends at Google, I have become aware that today is the 450th anniversary of the creation of St. Basil's Cathedral, the opulent landmark that adorns Red Square in Russia, symbolizing the country's colorful history and attracting countless visitors year-round.  Thus, I've decided to head off this month's assortment of artwork with a sketch that I made from live observation of the monument itself in 2006.  During my first of two trips to Russia, I was able to spend but a day in Moscow, the vast and intriguing capitol city that it is.  I had only a handful of moments to assail the edifice with my sketchbook and bic pen before being drawn away with the group that I travelled with. 

But we dared not depart until after giving ourselves ample time traversing the gorgeous innards of the cathedral.  Truly, St. Basil's is just as beautiful on the inside as on it's magnificent exterior.  Having perused a few art shows from time to time, I can confidently say that I have never been moret impressed - more deeply moved and even thrilled - by any man-made craft than by the ambitious, endless dsplay of artistry that covers every last imaginable inch of St. Basil's interior.  To say the least, the building made an impact on me.  So, when I found out that today was St. Basil's birthday, I figured that the least I could do would be to show my appretiation by sharing this sketch with the world!