Fresh Artwork for the Young Summer... ~5/23/12~

Busiest semester ever.  A couple of weeks ago, I finished my last final of the Spring - only now am I finally able to post some artwork that I completed several months ago.  The MMQ project is coming along quite nicely and I can't wait to see it all completed!  As a sort of teaser, here's the first illustration I completed for this project.  And even this isn't the "finished" version, as I'll be making some considerable revisions to it.  Nonetheless, I thought I'd give you a peak into my work and my process before the final version emerges.  I also thought it'd be fun to post the version with doodles in the margins.  Whenever I test my colors out, the margins and scrap paper always seems to become a separate artwork in it's own right!

It is wonderfully warm outside (and here I am doing computer stuff indoors...).  Well, after I get some more painting done this afternoon, perhaps I can finally get out there and enjoy the gorgeous weather, just one more way to celebrate the goodness and creativity of God.  Of course, it's getting cloudy and it might rain... but even that is an answer to prayer out here in the dry atmosphere of Colorado.  May the skies erupt with their much-needed moisture!