Wild Times in Photoshop... ~9/12/12~

If you're familiar with the design software called Photoshop then you're probably also aware that this software contains so so many filters and effects that no person could reasonably use all of them without quitting their day job and losing lots of sleep.  You'd probably also be aware that this software has some rather funky filters and effects that you always wish you could use but never quite find a use for because they're just too... well, funky.  Well tonight I was editing a new painting in Photoshop when an idea struck me: why not take up those funky filters on their offer?  They want to make my image look wildly strange and fun, right?  Why not apply some of those filters so profusely that the image I'm editing doesn't even look like itself anymore?  Just for fun, that's exactly what I did tonight, and boy do these finished results look absolutely nothing like the image I started with.  But I find them very interesting and they might even prove useful.  Maybe I can use one of them as fodder for an album cover idea or something.  At any rate, my incurable curiosity in the Photoshop realm produced some rather wild results tonight, so I thought I'd share them.  Enjoy!  And next week, I'll see if I can post the image that I started with before stumbling upon these crazy ideas.  It's so far removed from what you see here, you'll flip.  Anyways, good night and stay good.