P.E.P.P.E.R. Updates ~ 5/22/14 ~

Here are some updates on my experimental photo blog, where I have posted some recent successes with an ever-developing photo technique that involves impulsive light-writing and color-inverting the results so as to keep the negative image. All of the shots you see above are the "negatives," in the sense that the colors have been inverted: dark colors are light, warm colors are cool, blue is orange, red is green, and so forth. Over the last few months, I really feel this process has started to reach first signs of maturity, as I came across quite a crop of interesting, exciting images. Most of them are non-representational or non-pictorial in the sense that they depict nothing beyond the color, tone, shape, and line that one sees plainly within each composition. This does not, however, mean that they convey nothing besides those formal details. Rather, having less specificity, in terms of their referent, allows the pictures to convey a rather wide range of thoughts and feelings.

For a fuller grasp on what I'm trying to do with this images, check out my artist statement from the photo blog (which is lovingly dubbed "Purely Experimental Photography Produces Exciting Results," or "P.E.P.P.E.R." for short):

Recently, my own photography has consisted more and more of photo-experiments that seek to pull back the veil on a surprising and profound reality. Although I point my camera at the "mundane" details and "meaningless" twitches of life, the photos reveal just the opposite. This occurs through a creative mode of total experimentation. I combine seemingly random photo techniques with exposure to obscure or mundane subject matters. But when all is finished, a surprise emerges. The mundane, micro, and meaningless are revealed to be beautiful, grand, and purposeful. Nothing is meaningless. And the veil has been removed.