NICU Mural Art! ~9/11/09~

Hello! It's been a while and I've been busy. At the beginning of this past summer I finished the Children's Book AND an entirely new, exciting project. These photos document the progress of my first mural project ever! I was actually chosen to be the Lead Artist on a mural project that Massart (art school where I did my undergrad) launched in collaboration with Boston Medical Center, a major hospital in Boston. I was not only able to work together with the hospital community in the design of the mural, but I had the responsibility and priviledge of finding/leading other artists who worked with me on a volunteer and hired basis. The excellent gentleman with the tattoo shown here is Richard, one of the many great volunteers who worked with me. Thanks to you all!!! Joe, the other Massart grad involved with the project, is dipicted next to our legendary "art-cart". Onto it's very small surface, we crammed all of our supplies! I'm the other guy, pictured with Joe on ladders and with Richard in front of our half-done window aspect. What a fun project. Our paintbrushes braved the smooth surface of a window and even ventured up to the ceiling!



We were allowed to create this mural on the NICU floor of Boston Medical Center. NICU stands for Newborn (or Neo-Natal) Intensive Care Unit, which is a place for premature babies and those born with complications. The hospital's youngest, littlest patients receive life-support and other forms of intensive care in this precious ward. The sheer intensity of what's at stake in a NICU make it a potentially tense place for families, nurses, doctors, and of course the newborns. Coupled with the presence of unfamiliar medical equipment and the sterile atmosphere common in most hospitals, visiting families could find this space especially intimidating. Hense the artwork! We made bright yet calming, cheerful artwork, mostly in the waiting room, to uplift the spirit of all people who enter the NICU area. We regularly received kind words of acclaim from the various hospital personel who pass near the NICU daily. It's good to know that, when you set out to brighted the day of others, the creation of art proves to be a valid, powerful way.