Art on Lined Paper ~8/23/10~

Hello hello!  Here are some new doodles, drawings, and what-have-you's recently created mostly on lined paper.  I have been really enjoying doing word art in ballpoint-pen lately.  I was actually thinking of creating and entirely new blog devoted just to word art.  Not now, however.  Busy with other things.  But maybe someday... stay tuned.

In the mean time, I had fun scanning in the "relax" piece this morning - I discovered it looked way cooler with the colors inverted.  I also had a blast making this drawing of my hand.  It's probably the most "finished" drawing I've ever done on lined paper.  Started off as a random doodle with a bic pen.  A couple markers and pastel marks later, I had something worth posting! 

And I made this "you're gonna be the next..." piece to encourage people to be who they were made to be.  Many times we've heard "you're gonna be the next Michael Jordan" or "the next Tom Cruise" or "the next Picasso."  I insist that you are going to be the next YOU.  In fact, you're going to be the ONLY you, and that's a big deal, much more interesting and infinitely more valuable than becoming an imitation of some other person. 

Nonetheless, it is our nature to imitate.  From birth, each of us never needed to invent how to smile, how to speak our own language, or socialize with other people.  We learn all of these things through observation.  One of the key principles behind all leadership is the idea of setting an example.  We, as human beings, NEED something to model ourselves after.

I believe that each of us find our true identity, not in the imitation of our idols but in the imitation of Jesus Christ, the ultimate example.  In doing so, the Spirit of God does a creative work in each of us: each person becomes uniquely re-created, in a true sense of the term.  In losing the false self - in surrendering to the Creator who knows us each better than we know ourselves - we become the true self.  You are not an imitation of some celebrity or some famous whoever.  But as you imitate Christ, you become exactly who you were meant to be all along: totally unique; a breath of life; a walking, talking fragrance of heaven on earth.  Or, as G.K. Chesterson has put it, we are each living "statues of God walking about," each depicting a different, beautiful aspect of One amazing God.

Thanks for checking out my art.  Have an excellent day and stay good.