New Drawings ~1/11/11~

 Hello friends!  It is officially 11:11pm on 1/11/11.  Isn't that excellent?  I sense that this is going to be a good year.  Even though crazy stuff has already been happening in our world so far this year, such as tragedies and birds falling out of the sky, I have a distinct feeling that good things are in store for us in '11.  I was listening to a prophet the other night who had some good things to say about this year; and by the way, for those of you who are worried, no the world is not coming to an end as we speak and no, all the crazy bird occurances are not bad omens.  Hence, I've posted some optimistic artwork tonight.  Some of my favorite drawings I've done in a while.  The top one commemorates my and my wife's 6 month aniversary!  The next is a portrait of some good good friends from school.  The next two, portraits of magpies, were gifts for some other good good friends of ours.  A lot of people don't like magpies because they make annoying noises.  I love them.  I think they look very regal and have a noble way about them when they fly.  Besides that, they're dark dark blue.  Maybe that's how God thinks about us: no matter what other people think about us (even if they think we're totally annoying!), God sees his magnum opus in each one of us.  We are his masterpiece.

Blessings, take care, and talk to you all again soon.  By the way, since the website is all new and improved, stay tuned for other new features, like a photo section which I'm totally psyched about!  Later.