P.E.P.P.E.R. (purely experimental photography produces exciting results) ~3/14/11~


Hello friends!  It's been a busy semester at seminary thus far, but I've still got a few surprises up my sleeve as far as art goes.  If you haven't checked out dcondry.com since January, you'll probably notice I've changed a few things, most noteworthily the new link section.  Check out some of my friends' art - it's good!

There's also a new link above that leads to my photo portfolio.  I've been doing a ton of experimental photography for about a year now, though I've never posted any of it here before.  If you click on the new "photos" link, you'll be sent to aminus3, a site where I've got a portfolio and blog for posting a new photo each day.  It's cool because they give you a chance to check out other people's work as well (and there are some seriously good photographers on aminus3, let me tell you).

Here, I've posted a sampling of the artwork on my photo blog.  I like to do long-exposures and experiments with various colors of light.  Aside from cropping and seldom brightness/contrast adjustments, none of the images above were photoshopped, editted, or anything else of the sort.  Each image was attained, rather, through what we might call "trick-photography," adjusting exposure and the environment in order to produce a surreal or otherwise cool photo.

I'm pretty new to all of this, but of the litte bit that I've done, my phavorite photos (*chuckle*) have been a short series called "holy ground."  The bottom photo above (how's that for a play on words?) is an image from that series, in which I was attempting to show a somewhat "modernized" depiction of  Exodus 3:5, an instant in scripture when Moses encounters God and God tells him “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (I say my depiction is "modernized" because I don't think Moses had rolled-up khakis).  Hopefully, this image not only touches upon the sheer power of Moses' God-encounter, but also speaks of the way in which we today relate to God.  I colored the feet with a blue flash because I wanted there to be contrast between the human being and the ground which God has made holy.  Hot versus Cold.  It's sad to say but we - us wacky humans - are more often then not, cold: rigid, unwilling to change our ways, bitter, resentful, lazy even, disposed towards blaming God rather than recognizing His many acts of love and goodness towards us.  I could go on but the list gets overwhelming!  But God, in Exodus 3:5, is depicted as purposefully pursuing Moses, getting his attention, and challenging him to new levels of faith.  Thus, God is warm: a comforter, a force for change, a "consuming fire" (Deuteronomy 4:24, NIV), melting our coldness, forging a relationship with us who are in such dire need for Him.  How beautiful is that?  No matter how cold we become - however indifferent to loving God or others - God the "consuming fire" is by far capable of melting our spiritual tundra and mobilizing us towards wondrous ends!  For example, simply look at the rest of Moses' life as reported in the book of Exodus.  Had he never heeded God's call during the "holy ground" scene, he would never have witnessed such heights of adventure, leadership, and miraculous power!

I also love the "holy ground" imagery because it shows how utterly different God is from us - while we are finite beings confined to one place at any given time, God on the other hand is both above us and below us and in fact all around us!  He transcends time and space.  He is eternal, not limited.  To be with Him is to be surrounded, yet by one compelling person.  With this in mind, the incarnation of Christ (referring to how believers in Jesus consider His birth a miracluous, full-fusion of God and man) is indeed a miracle!  I know I've blogged on this before but it's really mind-bogglingly beautiful: the infinite, limitness, super-utterly-powerful, Creative Being that is God... became a human. 

He became a baby. 


Anyways, take care, thanks for reading.  I hope these little blurbs and insights have good import for your life.  Keep on keeping on and stay tuned for more musings and artwork!