More Stencil Art and a Van Gogh Copy ~3/23/13~

Tonight, I taught a couple art classes on the paintings above -- these ones are the canvases I painted while teaching.  I had the best students ever and had a blast painting these.  With the top one, I designed a class based not around a particular image but around a particular style.  We wanted to make a class for high school age kids that involves street art sensibilities and collage-making.  The bottom one, technically, is a copy of a copy.  I don't remember ever seeing the original but this is based on a Van Gogh copy created by my art director -- by the way, I've been a huge Van Gogh nerd lately every since seeing the "Becoming Van Gogh" show at Denver Art Museum!  His paintings make me so happy.  And if you're ever anywhere near Denver or Colorado Springs and would like to take one of these painting classes or a similar one, just check out and register online.  Till next time, stay awesome.  And stay tuned for some updates on my e-book illustration project, "Mary Mary Quite."  Though it's coming along slowly, I'm really excited about the new illustrations.  Talk to you later.  Hasta la pasta.