Have a happy Easter, and if necessary, hire a bouncer... ~3/30/13~

Here's a recent color sketch for a book project I've been working on.  It's an illustration of a story in which an impromptu Easter party erupts into a larger-than-planned Easter egg hunt.  So large was the hunt that they needed to hire a bouncer just to protect the little kids' plot of egg-laden real estate from the big kids' wily attempts at basket-raiding and candy-snatching.  It's one of many stories to be released and illustrated in an e-book called "Mary Mary Quite" that I've been working on with screenwriter and all-around great storyteller, Mary Huckstep.  I figured that today of all days would be high time to share an Easter-inspired image.  May your holiday be splendid!  May your soul be stirred with the new life that this day represents!  And may the little treasures in life lie hidden in plain sight for you today!  Bye for now.