An Interplanetary Farewell to The Stormcellars! ~8/13/12~

Today is the farewell show of a terrific band whom I've had the privilege of getting to know a little bit over the last year-ish.  Do check out the bandcamp page of The Stormcellars -- their music has been quite a treat and it will be sad to see them go.  Tonight, I'll be cheering my lungs out, clapping my hands flat, and singing my voice happy at The Stormcellars' farewell show.  The above poster, originally designed as a sort of creative barter with the hopes of free admission into all future Stormcellars gigs, has morphed into more of a good-bye gift and "thank you" for all the wonderful tunes.  

"The Moon and the Manticore" is, I believe, not exactly the act that they'll be performing tonight -- rather, it is a telescopically ambitious folk-rock musical theatre production that the band's lead singer has been envisioning for quite some time.  Hopefully, in the future we can all see this prospective masterpiece take the nation coast-to-coast, even traverse the worldwide folk-rock musical theatre scene.  Until then, I'm afraid, the above poster may remain somewhat of an elusive teaser...  So be it!  May it tantalize your creative taste buds with wonder!  And, to our great pleasure, may this folk-musical epic be completed long before the year 3013.  For the moment, however, I must go get some rest.  Launch is in 0400 hours.   Bye for now, good night, and good flight!