Poem Illustrations: "City" ~8/8/13~

Here are the final three from an eleven-poem series that I recently illustrated for a friend of mine, musician and poet Brian Stark.  From top to bottom, their names are "Entering the Red Line at Chicago," "Picnic Table," and "Walking Home in the Rain" -- click these links if you'd like to see the illustrations in their original contexts, displayed on Brian's poetry blog along with the poems they illustrate.  

This last chunk of poetry follows the theme of "City," according to the thematic rhythm of "Nature," "King," and "City."  The themes, of course, truly flourish when one reads through the illustrated poems on Brian's blog, something that I would highly encourage.  Of all eleven poems, I can't really pick a favorite.  I will say though that four of the poems struck me most strongly.  These were "Walking Home in the Rain," "Entering the Red Line at Chicago," "Snowfall," and "A Tree is Born."  The words, the imagery, and the movement are so beautiful in these poems -- they really impacted me.  

I hope you've enjoyed these illustrations and the poems that inspired them!  Soon, I'll put up a little post on what my process looks like for this new illustration style.  It's something I had been thinking about since roughly 2007, something that only now have I gotten the chance to actualize.  It involves digitally inverting the color of my images.  I know, isn't that outrageous!?  I thought the same thing!  *Pensive sigh*.  Anyways, can't wait to share.  Till then, stay wonderful, (i.e. full of wonder) and have an awesome weekend.