Impossible Objects and Wrapping Up a Kickstarter ~7/27/16~


Here's something I've been working on for a while but never got around to posting.  I call them "impossible objects."  They're drawings done impulsively yet with conviction.  Although depicting something unintelligible, I insist that these images do in fact depict.  I try to exact the details, even shading, of whatever these things are.  Perhaps they speak to the idea that the seemingly impossible does often actually make sense, just not at first glance or from a finite human standpoint.

Some of these drawings will serve as rewards for backers on my Kickstarter campaign (which ends tonight!).  If you'd like a rare original one of these drawings, donate $25 or more here.  Although I've already hit my goal, I thought I'd try and stretch a bit so I can get some new art supplies and become part of, an online hub for illustrators looking to connect with potential clients.

The Kickstarter was super fun and will allow me to participate in an upcoming conference with the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.  I'm hoping to make some good contacts there and thus connect my illustration work with the kid's book market.  At very least, I'm going to turn the whole experience into a slew of new artwork, so keep your eyes open for related posts coming up!