Spectrum of the Galaxy! ~8/11/16~

I'm a huge nerd.  Having said that, I'm also extremely excited about this color wheel that I spent way too much time creating last night.  The original is a relatively huge file (as I seldom work on projects to print 40 inches wide) and my computer struggled a bit.  Save times lingered.  But finally, I've got my space-themed color wheel, which goes with my overall space theme for the art classroom this school year.  I'm really pumped about this poster because it demonstrates so many great elements and principles of art: complementary colors (via the adorable little rocket journeys portrayed), how to mix secondary colors (see, for example, how the orange planet has rings of red and yellow), tertiary colors, warm versus cool colors, and even shades and tints (seen in the modeling of the various planets).

I'm inordinately proud of this thing.  I should probably sell repros of it on a teacher website or something.  The above is a smaller version, but if you want the gigantic file to print out for your classroom or whatever, for now just email me and we'll work something out!  D@dcondry.com, with "AWESOME PLANETARY COLOR WHEEL!" in the subject line.  :-)