Preparing for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Conference ~9/12/16~

I'm taking some new steps towards getting my illustrations out there!  After chatting with a colleague, I was directed towards a certain children's literature conference where I might be able to meet an agent.  The conference is this weekend and I'm ready to go.  Having funded the entire experience with a recent Kickstarter campaign, I've got all my promotional materials ready.  And based on information I gather this weekend regarding the children's literature market, I'll soon create another series of images to freshen up my portfolio.  Pragmatically, the artwork will help hone my portfolio towards this desired market.  For me personally, this artwork will give me the chance to vet some cherished new ideas with a broader creative community than I've taken part in hitherto.  And for my Kickstarter backers, the new artwork will be available in a special high-resolution version.  More updates to follow.