Poem Illustrations: "King" ~8/5/13~

Ahoy!  Here's my next installment of poem illustrations that I created in collaboration with friend, long-time fellow creative, and poet Brian Stark.  The names of these poems from top to bottom are "Israel Receives Her King," "Jonathan's Eye's Were Opened," "Song Based on a Misreading of 1 Samuel 14," "Reflection on 1 Samuel 6," and "David and the King" -- click the title of whatever poem you'd like to read, displayed with its illustration on Brian's poetry blog.

The theme with these five poems is "King," following the tri-theme contour of "Nature," "King," and "City."  There's sort of a logical flow through the respective themes of all eleven poems (starting with the first three poems from last week's post).  First, you start with nature, pure and unadulterated.  Then, natural forces lead natural humanity to contrive something that will change the face of nature forever: Kingship; Government; Infrastructure.  Despite whatever pure and simple motives would undergird the kingship at its outset, there eventually results this unpredictable, flawed, and unwieldy thing called civilized life -- hence the third theme of "city," represented by the last three poems which I'll post later this week.  Till then, enjoy the artwork and have a good one!