New Poem Illustrations: "Nature" ~8/2/13~

Hello!  I'm really excited to be posting today because I get to introduce a new illustration style that I've been working on for some time.  A while back, I decided to create a new portfolio of illustration work, not at all to replace my current style but rather to have an alternative style that I could use for illustrating other types of content.  My current portfolio works well for narrative contexts like kids books, whereas I think this new style could work for other sorts of contexts such as editorial illustration or album art.

These firstfruits of my new style were created as illustrations of poetry by long-time friend and co-collaborator, Brian Stark.  I illustrated eleven of his poems in total, under the themes of "Nature," "King," and "City."  These three comprise the first theme, "Nature."  From top to bottom, they're called "A Tree is Born," "Snowfall," and "Untitled" -- click their titles to read their respective poems.

In a few days I'll post the illustrations from the "King" and "City" series.  Till then, enjoy the artwork and stay good!